Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Sufi is love and love is Sufi....

May peace be on you....

My first blog though I'm young and its my age of going for long drives, bikes-stunts, shopping and many more but I'm glad that Allah almighty has given a different taste to me at this age Because when Allah wants he sends blessings and show the best way not only for us but that benefits others as well. My name in SYED AJMAL NIZAMI s/o PIR KHWAJA AFZAL NIZAMI, I'm direct ancestral descendant of Prophet MUHAMMAD swallalaho alaihwasallam and Hazrat ALI KARAMALLAH WAHU, IMAM HUSSAIN, IMAM ZENUL ABEDEEN ALAIHSALLAM TILL IMAM JAAFAR SADIQ and TILL ME the genelogy is coming. My grandfather(hussaini Syed) and grandmother(hassani Syed).

My father is a SHEIKH e CHISHTIA tariqat at DARGAH SHARIF hzt. NIZAMUDDIN AULIA NEW DELHI 110013 INDIA. We are here past 7 centuries as our ancestors came from saudi arabia crossing asia minor to India and since we are here and spreading the message of His holliness prophet MUHAMMAD swallalaaho alaihwasallam and hazrat SUFI NIZAMUDDIN AULIA.

As prophet MUHAMMAD swalallaho alaihwasallam gave a new way to arabs to live as a most civilised people far better then persian,romans and greeks, in many ways giving a high and prestigous level to women, daughters not to be killed, giving rules for animal husbandry and realted acts and message of oneness. All these things were to be implemented strongly but with another instrument that effects dead hearts which give them life, burnt relations to be normal working again and towards a new way of living that was LOVE.

This key and most effective instrument Sufi used around the world not to spread ISLAM but to make people much more human which they were not. Sufis like MANSUR HALLAJ ra , DHUNUN MISRI ra, SHEIKH ABDUL QADIR GILANI .ra, JUNAID BAGHDADI ra, RABIA BASRI ra, IBRAHIM ADHAM BALQI ra,MOINUDDIN CHISHTI ra ,QUTUBUDDIN KAKI ra, BABA FARID ra and HZT NIZAMUDDIN AULIA rehmatullah alaiyah did.

They all left their ntive places just to spread love and to make others love one another in the best way. Even till now the same work is on but through people like us and who love the family of Prophet MUHAMMAD swallalaho aliahwasallam.



  1. Salams Brother Ajmal Nizami
    May Allah help all of us to stay firm in the straight path .... Aameen

    Abdulhaq Syed Chisty