Saturday, May 1, 2010

Zikr, fiqr and shukra

May peace be on you!!!
 Its one of my favorite thing and practice that i do. And if i will start elaborating this specific topic will take 4 to 5 hours to wrap up but here I'm writing it in briefest way I can. I also ask people to not to follow but to make it as a daily routine of their to make their problematic schedule and routine a bit easier.I will first describe all the above mention words one after the other.
1.Zikr (chanting/reciting) Its a act where people Chant or recite few specific Words, names, lines or phrases given by their Spiritual mentor or Sheikh/Pir. These words can be from Qur'an, Names of ALLAH, lines from Quran, phrases of great Sufis or from Hadiths (sayings of prophet).
2.Fiqr (Worrying) Its a feel and later it will develop as a normal thing but will have tremendous effect on Your deeds.Because Yout Murshid/Pir/Sheikh will preach you How to be worried for Life after that which will start after the resurrection.
3..Shukra (Gratitude ) it has to be taken as for everything that happens is for a good and noble cause. As ALLAH says in Qur'an- "PERHAPS VERILY YOU HATE A THING AND ITS GOOD FOR YOU". So in every situation their should be thanks giving and love for others.

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