Thursday, May 20, 2010

Patience / Sabr

May peace be on you all....
Its my third blog that I'm writing after a long gap but Inshallah when you will read you will understand What patience is and why Islam ask to have patience in every walk of life whether relations, business, social life, and in prayers as well.
Its very Important for the people who take Oath/Bai'yat from any Spiritual Sheikh / Pir.
The word Patience(Sabr) has been used on 90 places in Quran sharif. It means to stop or to hold your self (tongue, eyes, hands ,legs, heart, mind and expressions)while facing problem or during difficult sitution As well as to hold your self from falling in Badhabits and not to bring absurd words/abusive words on your tongue
This word is used on 90 places in qur'an majeed. Where Allah subhanawatallah ask the Believer's to have patience.No where in Quran is mentioned how much reward will be given to the person who have patience. But its sure that reward must be high. Imam ghazzali rehmatullalaiy says" if someone have patience while performing Salah(5 time prayer) 300 levels will be raised for him/her in heaven.
their are 3 types of people if we categorise on the basis of patience :-
1. the first type of people are those who while in problems and difficult wants/needs people's shoulder to cry or sympathy from them.
2. the second category is of those people who gets stress or have tension and loose hopes during difficult time.
3` this category of people are the only one who accepts with patience whatever problem or difficulty comes as from their Lord ALLAH SUBHANA WA TAALA. RAAZI BA RAZAA-E- MAULA.
Now question arises when it is said in Qur'an that ALLAH is Mercifull, Gracious, Forgiver then why he sends Problems and hard time.
To understand better lets take an example that A small baby when he/she plays in mud, soil, sand etc he/she gets dirty and to clean her son or daughter mother gives her bath. Child cry and people says how bad mother is, cruelly giving bath to child but she wants to clean her child not only clean but to apply powder, cream, oil and comb hair . So she actually not simply cleans but give her child an extra motherly touch so as to child will feel special. And its same with Allah TAALA that when we are more in sins he sends problem and difficulty not only to stop us from doing further, but gives us a chance for repentance.

           QUR'AN SAYS

                                                              WALLAHO YUHIBUL SABEREEN.....

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