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                   KISSING OF HAND'S AND FEET'S

It is permissible to kiss hands and feets of elderly Sufi, Wali (Friend of ALLAH) AND Aalims (person having knowledge of islam). The people who say it is prohibited, Are either misguided or dnt have proper knowledge. Sahaba ikram (companions of prophet Mohammad peace be upon him) kissed hands and feet of Prophet Mohammad( peace be upon him). In a hadith narrated by hazrat Zarrar (may ALLAH be please with him) who was in a group of Abdul Qais. He says "when they reached Medina munnawara, they all started to come down from their camels (carriers) and we kissed the feets and hands of MOHAMMAD (peace be upon him).
                                                        {references Abu dawood, mishqat page 406}

In the light of this hadith sheikh hazrat Abdul haq muhadiss dehlvi says " It is permissible to kiss feets of Buzurg (elderly or spiritual people), sufi, wali, aalim.
                                                        {reference ashiyatul ma'aat volume4 page 25}

Allama ibne ali haski (mercy be on him) in Durre mukhtar, ba'b ul istibra says" for barqat (blessing) kissing of aalim and pious person is permissable.
Even people like Maulvi Rashid ahmed gangoi (Deobandi aalim) whose books are being are referred for fatwas in Deoband school of thought and tablighi ja'maati people. he says "for the respect of ahle deendar eeman (people with faith and Islamic knowledge) it is permissible to stand for respect and kiss his feets which is based on this hadith"
                                                        {Reference : muhaqiqana faisla,  fatwa-e-rashidia volume-1 kitabul hajra wal ibadaat}

Even on death of  hazrat Zaid bin sabit's (may ALLAH please with them) mother ,he kissed the hand of hazrat Abdullah ibne Abbas (may ALLAH be please with him).

From above mentioned hadith and statements of Ullamas (people having Islamic law knowledge), muhadiss (people learning and writing hadiths and theirs tafseers) it is clears that in Sufism it is a lively practice till today in different khanqahs, dargahs and pir khanas of kissing feets and hands of elderly people, spiritual guides and masters. Sufi like Hazrat KHWAJA MOINUDDIN CHISHTI, BABA FARI GANJE SHAKAR and  KHWAJA NIZAMUDDIN AULIA in chishtia sufi order use to practice this and it shows tremendous love, faith and respect for them.
Even in countries like Saudi Arab kissing the heart of Royal king is still in practice, so as in Iraq kissing of Shoulders of king and elderly people still in practice.

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