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                                      DEFINITIONS OF SUFISM / TASAWWUF

Etimology of word SUFI  :

According to Some scholars, the word "Sufi" has been derived from its root word SAFA meaning pure and clean because of their belief in the in the Internal and External purity and cleanness (of body and the soul of the person) for which they took extraordinary precautions! This earned them the epithet of Sufi which satisfied them! However the rules of grammar do not permit such an innovation and liberty with the syntax and the grammar of the Arabic language. If the persons concerned prided on being Internally and Eternally clean and still remaining associated with the creed of Sufi, they should better be called SAFAWI. It  is not proper that the rules of any root of derivation to base its structure in respect of this original or applied nomenclature.
Another branch of scholars and Sufi says that it has originated from As'haab e suffa (platform of copanions)  a square elevated 1feet around from the ground and it is between BA'B E NISA (GATE OF WOMAN) and BA'B E BAQEE (GATE OF BAQEE), where few companions of MOHAMMAD (peace be upon him) used to sit to view the face of Prophet (peace be upon him)  and to do zikr (chanting) which includes Hazrat Abu Bakr siddique, Salman Farsi, Hazrat Ali, Bilal Habshi, Utba Bin Ghazwan, Zayd Bin Khattab (May ALLAH please with them all)

Definitions of Sufi :
Allama ibne Khaldun in Ilmul tasawwuf book says "the word Tasawwuf means to always engage oneself constanatly in theworship of and concentration towards ALLAH, bending all energy and thinking with absoluteness towards Him and Him alone, extricating himself and keeping aloof every tinge of sensual mundane pleasures mostly consisiting of avarice of wealth and worldly status etc.

Hazrat Abu bahr Al Kilani ( 233 A.H) says "tasawwuf is the name of khalq (Moral conduct). One who excels you in Khalq will also excel you in cleanness which stands for cleanness (safa'ee)both internal as well as external".

Abu Muhammad al jarayri (311 A.H) on being asked what is meant by Tasawwuf, he said " To inculcate high quality and nice mode of moral character (khalq) and to get rid of every deed of mean and debased nature in the meaning of tasawwuf (Mysticism)".

Abul Hasan Al Noori defines Tasawwuf in these simple words "Tasawwuf is neither a formality of custom and ceremony nor even the knowledge (Ilm) but it is the name of Khalq ( Moral character).
Another place he says "Tasawwuf is the other name (being synonymous to) Liberty or Freedom, Benevolence, abstinence from formal or showy behaviour and charitable Disposition.
Abu Saeed aL-Kharraz ( 268 A.H) while answering a question said "One whose heart his lord (ALLAH) cleans and purifies and his heart gets filled with the divine Light and he gets himself immersed in the ecstatic pleasures the moment the Rituals of Remembrance of Allah begin in his soul or in group of the devotees of his Cakibres only such a person is worthy of being mentioned as SUFI.

Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi defines Tasawwuf and says "Tasawwuf is that (extra sensori) perception in which Almighty Allah annihilates the self of you (outward existence) and grants you a fresh(revived) life to accompany His own Divine self".

Well after knowing the meaning of Sufism/tasawwuf it is necessary to understand why Sufi worhips ALLAH ? Answer is given by Rabia Basri (mercy and blessings be on her) "O Allah! If I worship thee out of the fear of Hell Fire and If I worship thee in the Greed of Thine Paradise, then deprive me of that Paradise".
                                                        (Reference: kashful Mehjub page 7-13)

Ghausul Aazam Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (mercy and blessings be n him) says "The Sufi in one whose inward and outward have become pure and serene through following Book of ALLAH and the Sunna of the Messenger of ALLAH".
When some one's heart becomes pure and serene, the prophet (peace be upon him)  will become an ambassador between him and his Lord, as was Gabriel/jibreel (alaih salaam).Whenever the heart of the servant becomes pure and serene, he will see the Prophet (peace be upon him) commanding him to do this and prohibiting him from doing that.
                                                            (Refence: Jila'al khatir Page 147)

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