Wednesday, March 9, 2011


                                 My first Raqs or hadra in Wajd
May peace be on you all....
I would like to share this very important stage or phase in the path of spirituality, while you are a salik (traveller in the path of spirituality) that while reading, performing Zikrs (chanting), Muraqba (meditation) and  majlises (Spiritual gatherings) you actually realise and feel that while performing all this or after performing theser things there is a different state of your heart. Where everything looses its value and importance. Here the only emotion remains is for a certain seconds or minutes. The emotion becomes so high that very moment you, yourself dnt care for anything. As like Mansur hallaj got the taste like this but he was so high in this phase that he remained fully under this emotion. This emotion is called "Wajd".

Secondly, If the Sheikh wills you may get Wajd without any of the above mentioned things because Sheikh/Pir knows what you are capable of and when to give what you require.

As i already wrote a blog giving details regarding Raqs, hadra and wajd, here i would only share what i felt on 28 febrary 2011. As i reched Yusuf Jhumkas house whom i met very first time in Reunion Island on the same trip and who is my Father's murid as well. I heard Naat e pak (poetry or phrases in praise of Muhammad s.w.a) and i entered his house with Nawaz, Shahnawaz and Qayum. It was a big gathering where young boys were in good numbers and Duff ( musical instrument) was being played. At that very moment my heart felt a kind of warm feeling, i was welcomes and gievn place right in the centre. I realised that there will be something unusual can happen in this Mehfil but what i didnt knew till it happened!
As the Naat kha ( naat singer), Noor started a Naat e pak "Ya Muhammad Noor e mujjassm ( O! Muhammad s.w.a you are complete Divine light ) and continued along with Duff music, at a certain Phrase "Teri kon karega bada'i" with repetition many a times  ( Who can say or give detail about you)  with very high music. I realised that very moment i felt a different emotion and that as if my Heart is delighted and something is pushing me from inside to express this emotion and a different state of Inner self. Emotion of joy has over taken me in and out. I felt 3 time push from within as my Soul is pushing me. While first push i remained sitted, on the second push i was a bit imbalanced in the posture as i was sitting. Lastly, the third push was so much full of joy and a divine passion with force, that I removed my saddri (half Coat) and started performing on the high beats of music and that particular phrase. I started hadra (Revolving on a single foot). It lasted only for few seconds.
Though, i felt a different state and even realised the divine joy before performing , while performing and after performing it. Then i sat very peacefully and calmly with divine joy giving me another state of absorbing what happened within. Next 15-20mins i was absorbing and was in a different mind set with fresh heart beats and a relaxing feel.
I think people who know me past 5-6 years and my father, who is a Sheikh/Pir and Spiritual guide for many people presented there past 20 years, in this Mehfil would have seen something unexpected and a real Raqs in wajd from a young guy and a salik among them. Who grow-up in front of them and now has many things to share.
I would like to thank Allah-subhana wa taala for giving me such nice people around me, who care for everything i need and wallah always come forward to see what i require, may Allah give them return here as well as in hereafter. A father and Sheikh, who always wants his Murids to strive and struggle in the path of Spirituality (Raah e tasawwuf).
May Allah accept our services and deeds, what all we do to please him.
O babbler, while thy soul is drunk with mere date-wine,
Thy spirit hath not tasted the genuine grapes,
For the token of thy having seen that divine light,
Is this, to withdraw thyselfg from the house of pride..
                                                                         By: Maulana Rumi (r.a)

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