Tuesday, May 17, 2011


           A journey: Abhimanyu to Hussain

May peace be on you all... I would like to share this real life incident that occured on 7 may 2011, actually it has changed my way of convincing people about real Islam and Sufism. It was saturday around 1.30 p.m, Moazzan called iqa'mat (Call just before salah) for Zuhar salah. I ran from Hazrat Amir Khusrau's (r.a) shrine towards Hazrat Nizamuddin aulia's (r.a) shrine then with speedy walk , entered the Khilji Mosque inside Dargah hazrat Nizamuddin aulia (r.a). Fortunately, it was full with people and i got place to perform salah just on the threshold of the mosque. I missed my first Raq'at, a guy was standing as if he wants to perform salah but he dnt know how to stand shoulder to shoulder and to stand in a row feet to feet. I grabbed his hand and asked him to stand next to me. As we intended, raised our hands till ears then locked it, on the waist line.
While performing salah, as we gone for Ruku ( bend posture 90 degree) then to sujut, i realised that the same person just next to me is not performing salah as a muslim should perform and he is watching me and others, as if he is following our actions.Somehow salah got over but as i missed 1 raq'at so i have to perform it alone.While performing it, i became sure that the person next to me dnt know salah or he is a new revert. Finally, i did dua and came out of the mosque. I asked the same guy as if he needs any help to learn salah, he said yes, in a very low tone, so i holded his hand and took him to a near shop. I bought a salah book and presented him in Hindi language, he was happy and without further delay, i bought Beads (Tasbih) from another shop and offered him.
After that we reached Hujra ( a room to sit) where my father sits and many of his mureeds and visitors, visits him daily from abroad as well as from India. But he has already left for Kasmir, we sat in the office and started talking about salah and how to perform it. Soon, i realised that he was new to offer salah. I asked who has taught him about salah and kalima, he told me some of his friends but with insufficient knowledge and just rough guidence.
Then i asked him, if he wants to know about salah and kalima. With positive reply he said Yes.
I asked him if he wants to perform salah in future, with a smile he replied "why not it gives me satisfaction". I asked him if he will read 5 kalima (cardinal articles) and Imaan'e muj'mil (Islamic belif in short) and Imaan'e mufassil (Islamic beleif in detail). Smiling and shaking his head with yes word from his mouth. He holded my hand again and i asked him just to read what all i will be reading and understanding the meaning when i will translate them all.
It was easy and everything went well with confidence, smile and deermination, he accepted Islam on my hand.
After all this, I asked him about his name for the very first time, he replied Abhimanyu ( A Character in a Story of A very dedicated boy towords his religion and who served his parents, very much in Hindu mythology). Within a flick a new islamic name came for him to my mind and i asked him to have a new Islamic name but this time he was tensed but before he could reply i told him that its between Allah-taala and you. Dnt worry as if, right now you have to change your name in all the documents or if you are scared that your family will not accept you or people will outcaste you. Just keep this name for full faith in Tauheed (oneness of Allah).
Alhamdullilah, in the very next moment i gave him a name of Our prophet's grandson and  hero of Karbala, "Hussian". I congragulated him and we shared tea, even i presented few gifts to him as well.
Suddenly his mobile rang and it was his wife, who came along with childrens to visit Dargah sharif with Hussain. Finally he took my permission to leave and left with joy and smile.

Its a real story of mine, I converted or he reverted to Islam on my hands by the guidence of Allah-subhanawataala. I would like to thank Muhammad swalallaho alaih-wasslam, all the Sufis, Walis and specially Hzt.Nizamuddin aulia (r.a) for choosing me for this and many other services, then to each and eveyone with whom i shared even 1 single moment learning about Islam, humanity, our responsibility, sufism, love and sense of service. I would like to thank my father and peer-e-tariqat Khwaja Afzal Nizami for making me his disciple and all the mureeds of him as well.
Those who met me, loved me, spent time with me, invited me for Mehfil, nazr'o niyaz, zikr, offered nazranas, gifts, given me their precious time and moreover trusted me and  on my every single word. Jazakallah-khair.
May Allah accept our deeds, actions and purify our intention and give us a chance to serve people and to work for Nizami-silsila (order/tariqat) and for Roohaniyat.

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